3 Ways SEO and Web Design Complement Each Other

Businesses rely on a combination of digital solutions to establish a competitive foothold in today’s internet-driven industry. Without building your online presence, you are locking yourself out of a massive opportunity to reach a worldwide audience, pushing you back in the race. 

Part of the platforms that drive your visibility in a convoluted, online marketplace is your website’s performance. Websites have come a long way from its barren coding and looks, but it takes more than an aesthetically-pleasing web design to shape the user experience. 

Channels like search engine optimization (SEO) strive to put your brand on popular engines like Google, Bing, and more, giving you an even playing field as it generates traffic for your website. With that in mind, integrating your SEO strategy with your web design development can offer the best of both worlds by generating the following: 

Exploring How SEO and Web Design Can Work in Conjunction to Create a High-Converting Website

1. Encourages Mobile-Friendliness

Mobile-friendliness has become a highly influential ranking factor in 2015, and it’s only growing in demand as most of the search traffic is done using mobile devices. Part of the biggest SEO strategy is to ensure your website can seamlessly adjust to different screens, meaning that your web design should perform consistently no matter the device. 

Skimping mobile responsiveness when designing your website can easily alienate half of your potential audience, resulting in a massive loss. Not to mention, search engines place a high value on mobile-friendly websites, so poor mobile performance can hurt your rankings and increase your site’s bounce rate. 

2. Promotes Easy-to-Read Design and Seamless Navigation 

When thinking about the best design that represents your branding, it’s easy to get swept by the thrill of experimenting with different trends. While bold colors, stylish fonts, and a unique layout promote an eye-catching design, putting aesthetics above functionality can hurt the user experience in more ways than one. 

SEO strategies can ensure your web design aligns with your goals, which means opting for elements that improve the site’s readability and navigation. SEO aims to provide a helpful experience to consumers, so going for an SEO-friendly web design can help build an inclusive format. 

3. SEO Ensures Your Web Design Doesn’t Compromise the Page Loading Speed

Another significant ranking factor includes the website’s page loading speed, which can make or mar the user’s first impression. Internet-savvy consumers expect websites to load within three seconds, and anything longer can boost your bounce rate.

Using high-quality images, video content and other graphical elements are excellent ways to improve the site’s engagement rate, but integrating SEO can help optimize the large media files. This can help lessen the strain on your site’s loading speed, allowing it to meet today’s fast-paced expectations.

The Bottom Line: How Combining SEO and Web Design Can Improve Your Rapport with Google

Purpose-driven web design can promote your brand identity using visual elements, but marrying it with your SEO strategy can take the user experience to the next level by improving the navigation, readability, loading speed, responsiveness, and more. Seeing as web design and SEO are like two peas in a pod, combining both can result in a better relationship with Google, allowing you to attract traffic and bolster your online prominence. 

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