Why You Should Incorporate SEO into Your E-Commerce Marketing

Thanks to the advent of the Internet and the increased power of modern economies, the rise of e-commerce is even more significant than ever, especially in a world where more consumers are online. 

Today, it is quite rare to chance upon a business that has yet to capitalise on the world of online marketing because the World Wide Web is everywhere. From the groceries that the average person picks to the hobbyist items that people invest in for their convenience, the number of ways the Internet has manifested itself in daily life is nearly endless.

Given the current e-commerce landscape’s ability to leverage the power of the web and level the playing field for everyone, it’s safe to say that it’s a critical factor for modern success. But what more if you supplement your online marketing efforts with Search Engine Optimisation? 

Why should you start merging your SEO strategy with your e-commerce efforts?

Like your current e-commerce situation, your search engine optimisation strategy also functions as a key to your firm’s success in today’s business landscape. 

As more companies and platforms seek to provide users with new opportunities and tools to maximise their online presence for profit, the intersections between SEO and online selling become increasingly apparent. With the goal of more revenue and profit becoming more prominent, however, there are a few reasons you should start taking a more search-engine-conscious approach for online selling: 

Benefit #1: SEO completes the puzzle for any marketing funnel

While many may argue that having a funnel is enough to put a successful e-commerce front together, know that it won’t bear any fruit if there isn’t any traffic coming in. Thankfully, this is where search engine optimisation comes into the picture. 

As you try to construct your marketing funnel to bring potential customers and conversions through awareness, interest, desire, and action, it’s crucial to ensure that your overall strategy reels in customers. For many years, e-commerce entrepreneurs felt like their efforts were lacking, but this was mainly because of the missing lead magnet that needed to make their funnels work. Thankfully, climbing up the ranks makes it easier to influence shopper movement without doing much work, making it easier to convert in the process! 

Benefit #2: SEO makes it easier to remarket for more profit

Seeing that buyer power is higher than ever, most e-commerce businesses are now at the mercy of consumers that have all the time and choice in the world. Essentially, what this leads to is an increase in abandoned carts and consumers ditching their potential purchases on the premise of “I’ll think about it first.” 

Once you reel in a first-time customer to your e-commerce store, the chances of closing a deal and getting a sale out of them are far from the first encounter. Although many would like to assume that getting a customer on the website for the first time is a one-and-done ordeal, closing right off the bat is highly unlikely, making it crucial to retarget them.

Thankfully, pulling out all the stops for your SEO strategy will make it easier to reach potential customers primed for conversion by appearing frequently to the point where your brand stays at the back of their mind. Over time, the constant repetition will sow the idea of buying from your brand into their subconscious and make it an itch that can’t be scratched until it’s done! 


Compared to other tools that you can use for a successful e-commerce marketing approach, search engine optimisation is guaranteed to bring the best out of your efforts every time. Through the help of the right strategies and methods (while keeping this guide in mind), you can have a better understanding of what you can achieve when you bring SEO and e-commerce together!
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